Facebook ads have the potential to reach a massive audience, tailored to the demographics you’re hoping to capture. With a user base of 2.7 billion, why wouldn’t you capitalize on this pool of potential customers?

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    There are many reasons why Facebook ads are effective across industries, but the main reason? Facebook ads are useful because they offer ways to target a specific audience, allowing for personalization that isn’t easily found in other channels.

    It’s a granular type of marketing that yields great results. With Facebook ads, you’ll be able to target audiences based on their:

    • Demographics
    • Regions
    • Languages
    • Interests

    Because Facebook houses an immense amount of data about its users, it allows advertisers to construct their audiences and demographics down to the micro-level. This gives Facebook ads a significant advantage over Google AdWords. It’s a level of control that gives you a full range to explore and build on paid ad campaigns to find audiences that truly generate leads and revenue.

    If your goal is to raise brand awareness while simultaneously generating high-quality leads and sales, then Facebook is one of the best platforms to use for digital marketing.


    How much do FACEBOOK ADS cost?

    Google and Facebook have similar structures for paid ads. Both operate on a cost-per-click basis or pay-per-click, so you’ll pay for every click your ad receives.
    This means that there isn’t necessarily a standard ad budget for paid advertising on these channels. Structuring a Facebook ad budget requires significant expertise and a strategic
    approach to ensure that your money is being allocated correctly and generates the results you need.

    We have to analyze each opportunity individually, which could entail researching the industry, product, service, etc. to determine costs. Most small business budgets will fall in the $800-2000 range with exceptions on both ends, again, depending on the industry.

    Facebook Ads Cost

    What is Facebook remarketing?

    Another powerful tool at your disposal when using Facebook ads is remarketing. This is the process of having your ads follow your traffic around channels such as Facebook and Instagram after they leave your site.

    This is instrumental for campaigns because:

    • It gives you more opportunities to reach your audiences on different channels.
    • It offers diverse audiences and advertising options.

    Through this form of digital marketing, you can retarget web visits, page visits, landing page visits, video visits, and much, much more to get maximum reach. It’s one of our favorite Facebook marketing features, for obvious reasons – never let another lead get away again!

    Facebook Remarketing

    Why are Facebook ad management services beneficial?


    Detailed targeting options

    Instead of spending time, effort, and money reaching wide audiences with little return, you can spend time building the perfect audience.

    Though it may be a smaller group of people comparatively, your reach goes a lot further with Facebook advertising, so it ends up yielding a better return.
    The targeting enables you to find and engage the perfect audience for your business by giving you rich user data to use to your advantage.


    Numerous ad-types

    The other benefit of Facebook advertising is that you’re not just relegated to one kind of ad. You can choose to do visual content, text, or a multitude of different things depending on what resonates with your audience.

    Because the ad type does not limit you, it gives you a lot of room to experiment and connect with your audience on a more personal level.

    The bonus of the different types of ads is that it gives you more insight into your audience and what kind of content they respond to. You can take these learnings and apply them to different marketing channels, thereby helping you create a more robust multi-channel strategy.



    For the reach and the level you get with Facebook ads, the costs are very affordable. Facebook ads are cost-effective in two ways. Firstly, it doesn’t cost much to start running ads initially. The ad pricing is dynamic compared to Google AdWords, as mentioned earlier, because of different factors. Google ad pricing is based on the targeted keywords, whereas Facebook ad pricing changes based on the level of reach and engagement needed.

    Secondly, Facebook ads are cost-effective because you can set a budget for these ads and monitor costs versus engagements. You have a lot of flexibility in scaling campaigns as needed, making it more budget-friendly.



    One of the main reasons Facebook ads are used in Phoenix is the role data plays in the process. Facebook has retained a significant advantage in digital marketing because of its user data.

    While part of this advantage can hyper-target ads to audiences, the other edge is getting data about your campaigns from Facebook. You get an unprecedented level of insight into what’s working in your campaign, what’s gaining attention, and what kind of content does well. The data allows you to continually optimize campaigns and refine messaging, which is incredibly helpful.

    If you’re looking to learn more about the process of Facebook advertising and how it benefits your business or any questions, please feel free to contact us or look at our body of results to see how we’ve transformed businesses.

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