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There are many website design companies out there and a plethora of options to choose from. The ultimate goal is to find the right company to design your site, but how do you weed out the good from the bad?

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    Before making this choice, there are some salient points to think about beforehand. This site will be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy, and arguably, its most critical element. Your website underpins your overall digital marketing strategy because ads across every channel will lead users back to your page.

    While your site must look good, that by itself won’t be enough.

    Great design, coupled with conversation optimization, is what you need for your website to succeed. So when evaluating website design companies, look at how they approach conversion optimization, rather than just the design.

    Why does conversion

    In a nutshell, conversion optimization is the art of converting online traffic into quality leads. Whether you are collecting leads via phone calls, email form submissions, store directions, or other methods, the goal is to convert each user into a lead.

    Conversion optimization ensures that each user:

    • Has a smooth browsing experience on your site,including responsive design (i.e., scaling your website automatically according to user device)
    • Finds the information they are seeking
    • Are persuaded to learn more about your business or directly contact you.

    Trying to incorporate all of this might seem like a tall order, but not necessarily. The main thing to bear in mind is that design alone won’t get you there. It’s just one part of the puzzle. This is why it’s essential to work with a design company that understands design and can take your website from a simple online business card to a powerful lead capturing machine.


    How to choose the
    right web design company

    When thinking about choosing the right web design company in Phoenix, you need to think about their approach and yours. What do you value, and how does that correspond with the company? Do you value affordability? Timeline? Communication? Relationship? Or a combination, but some take higher precedence than others?

    Once you know what kind of company you are looking for, you can start the interviewing process. Ask questions around their process, their approach, and what elements they prioritize to help you make the right selection.



    This is our time to brainstorm. We’ll talk through your business and what you’re trying to accomplish with your site. We’ll then look at examples of good websites to establish what you like and dislike and discuss requests and desired functionalities at this point.



    Once we’ve established a plan, we’ll start with designing wireframes. This is essentially an outline of homepage layouts for your approval, and we’ll look at the pages needed and ensure that we’ve addressed all your comments and requests from the ideation process.



    After we have approval of the wireframes, we start the design process. We’ll show you mockups of what the website will look like. You’ll see different sections and how the site will ultimately look like. We’ll use this time to make any additions or remove things as needed and that you’re happy with the overall look and feel of the site.



    Now that the website wireframe and design is approved, we’ll start to develop the site. This can either be done on WordPress or a different CMS, depending on your needs and requirements. We’ll work to get your website looking exactly the way you want, making it responsive, and using best practices looks good and functions as it should.

    Estimating website design costs

    A question that gets asked a lot is, “how much will this cost me?” While we wish we had a concrete answer, the truth is that the cost will depend on the scope of work needed. As a rough guide, most small business websites will range between $3000 – $10,000. However, a large e-commerce website could cost upwards of $100,000.

    Why does the price differ? Well, it rests on what’s needed. Do you want cool widgets and animations? That will drive the cost up. Are you just looking for a clean design that converts well? That could be a more affordable option potentially. This is why it’s a good idea to have your needs and requirements mapped out early on, as that will help in the budget and estimation process.


    A final note on cost

    Ultimately, your website is an investment in lead generation. From a web design end, the goal is not just to meet expectations but exceed them.

    However, this means that designing a good website is a time-consuming process that requires significant design team expertise and time. In that respect, cheaper web design is a bad idea in our opinion.

    Why? Because the design falls short in actually capturing and converting traffic. Fixing cheap web design mistakes ends up costing more in the long run. To avoid this, it’s better to invest in a company that accurately charges for their time and design expertise from the start.

    To learn more about our web design experience and see examples of what our web design can do for your business, contact us today or see examples here.

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