We all know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital in ensuring your business thrives. There are over 5 billion searches on Google every day. Businesses that have strong SEO are the ones that succeed.

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    A good SEO strategy involves:

    • Having an SEO-optimized website so that you are one of the top ranks on Google’s results page (also known as SERP)
    • Optimizing your local search results through your Google Maps entry and Google Business page.

    Essentially, your digital marketing strategy needs to consider SEO and local SEO to generate leads and drive sales.

    The distinction between SEO and local SEO is often confusing, but that’s where our expertise comes in. Local SEO is what helps customers in the area find you with ease.

    Our local SEO services in Phoenix help your business gain leads, increase sales, and help you organically boost traffic and engagement.

    What is the difference between
    SEO and local SEO?

    SEO is the process of having a website rank high in organic Google searches when users search for a specific keyword on Google.

    The goal of your SEO strategy is to appear at the top of the results page for important keywords relating to your business.
    As more users search for the word and arrive at your page, your website gains more authority and helps solidify your page ranking.

    It’s a balance between optimizing for keywords and placing strategic content on your site to help improve your overall ranking for Google.
    At Pay Button Media, our local SEO strategy for Phoenix drives web traffic to your business. Your sales and business growth comes organically as a consequence of our work.

    Why does my business need local SEO?

    SEO and Local SEO are similar but different. Both are important, but it’s vital not to confuse the two. Both have different goals for your business, and having a combination of both will help you see results faster.

    Some of the key reasons why local SEO is essential:

    • To outrank competitors
    • Increase local visibility and attract new customers
    • Increase leads and sales
    • Boost website traffic

    Local SEO is essential for capturing the local market, acquiring new customers and leads in the area, and providing key information to make your business as accessible as possible.


    Create a Successful SEO Strategy

    Your SEO success, both general and locally-focused campaigns, need the following elements to truly succeed:
    • How well your site is optimized
    • Building backlinks
    • Implementing a consistent content strategy

    Your web design will dictate the success of your SEO strategy. Driving traffic to a poorly designed site that doesn’t convert will lead to stagnation, not growth.

    Our web design services complement your overall SEO strategy and help your local SEO campaigns become stronger. Our goal is to improve your users’ experience from search to sale, thereby allowing you to maintain long-term growth.

    At Pay Button Media, we know how important it is to optimize local SEO for businesses, and we’ve seen how transformative it can be.

    If you don’t believe us, check out some of our case studies and results here to see the difference a well-designed and executed local SEO strategy can do for a business. Want to learn more about our services and how we help companies to generate more sales and revenue? Get in touch with us today for a consultation!

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